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SF21 (Remixes, B-Sides & Bonus Tracks CD)

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CD of all the b-sides, remixes and bonus tracks from "Is Love Enough?" which have not yet been commercially released on the CD format. Presented in a card wallet, designed so it can be stored folded into the deluxe CD edition of "Is Love Enough?".

Exclusive to the Stone Foundation webstore. 


1) Deeper Love (feat. Paul Weller) [OPOLOPO Remix]
2) The Light in Us (feat. Laville) [Boogie Back Soul Weekender Remix]
3) Deeper Love (feat. Paul Weller) [Boogie Back Late Night Jazz Funk Remix]
4) Changes (Radio Session)
5) Deeper Love (Radio Session)
6) Help Me (Radio Session)
7) Hold On To Love (Radio Session)
8) Deeper Love (feat. Paul Weller) [7" Mix]
9) Love's Getting Deeper [Good Vibes Mix]