Is Love Enough? (Bundle: 2CD + Turquoise Vinyl 2LP)

Is Love Enough? (Bundle: 2CD + Turquoise Vinyl 2LP)

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The brand new Stone Foundation album

Deluxe 2CD featuring album instrumentals plus b-side Going Back To My Roots on disc 2. Signed by the band

Limited edition turquoise 2LP Vinyl (limited to 1000 copies). 

2CD Tracklist: 


1) Love’s Intro
2) Freedom Starts! 
3) Changes
4) Deeper Love (feat. Paul Weller) 
5) Love’s Interlude (I)
6) Hold On To Love (feat. Durand Jones)
7) The Light In Us (feat. Laville)
8) Is Love Enough?
9) Love’s Interlude (II)
10) Learn To Love Again
11) AF-RI-KA
12) Picture A Life
13) Help Me
14) Love’s Interlude (III)
15) 83’ This Is Our Time
16) Last Act Of Love
17) Love’s Outro (feat. Peter Capaldi)


1) Going Back To My Roots
2) Freedom Starts! (Instrumental)
3) Changes (Instrumental)
4) Deeper Love (Instrumental)
5) Hold On To Love (Instrumental)
6) The Light In Us (Instrumental)
7) Is Love Enough? (Instrumental)
8) Learn To Love Again (Instrumental)
9) AF-RI-KA (Instrumental)
10) Picture A Life (Instrumental)
11) Help Me (Instrumental)
12) 83’ This Is Our Time (Instrumental)
13) Last Act Of Love (Instrumental)